Saturday, June 11, 2011

Triathlon shorts or Trisuits?

When it comes to selecting your race day clothing, we've compiled a few advantages of the two most popular options out there: one-piece trisuits and two-piece tri tops + shorts. While both have their advantages, the ultimate decision factors will be comfort and personal preference. Whichever set up you decide to go with, make sure to wear it while training first!

  • Popular amongst elite and high ranking age group athletes.
  • Better hydro-dynamics swimming without a wetsuit.
  • Increased comfort.
  • Prevent "plumber's crack", "muffin top" and lower back sun burns on the bike. 

Tri shorts & Tri Top
  • Recommended if two different sizes are needed.
  • Easy bathroom breaks.
  • Ability to mix different colors and styles.
  • Generally less expensive.


  1. Different physical activities require specific types of athletic apparel. Sometimes a garment needs to resist moisture; other times, it should allow for stretching.

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