Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sugar vs Salt?

While on a 170km ride in Penticton BC last month, I had a near bonk-experience which was partly caused by the nutrition I had selected for the ride. In fact I carried almost exclusively - sweet - carbohydrates, in both liquid and solid form.

As a matter of fact, most of today's sports drinks contain unreasonably high amounts of sugar. However, from a processing perspective, the sweeter the drink the slower it is absorbed by the body.

Another important aspect of nutrition for endurance events over 4-5 hours is the need to compensate for the loss of salt. The water we consume dilutes the amount of salt in our body, which in turn does not allow cells to function normally. The lack of salt can cause what is known as Hyponatremia, which is a metabolic condition in which there is not enough sodium (salt) in the body fluid outside the cells.

While you may be able to finish an Ironman without enough carbohydrates, you will not likely make it if you get dehydrated. As such, SaltStick capsules, Elete Electrolyte Add-in and Hammer Endurolytes are great to take on longer rides and races to ensure proper re-hydration, which we now know includes both water AND salt!


  1. I am by no means a triathlon runner or biker or any other form of these sports. I am a commercial flat-top roofer. as such my body is subjected to extremely high temperatures with very little in the way of protection from the sun. I work physically hard all day long, sometimes for as long as 12-14 hours in the blazing sun. My body perspires very high volumes in no time at all and as such, I have found that electrolytes do tend to make it easier to perform at work and at home at the end of the day. I no longer come home after work, take a bath, and crash in bed before supper. Instead, I now have the strength and energy to, well, lead a normal after-work life. I have found Gatorade Electrolyte beverage to be a decent substitute, but require something a little more financially feasible. Intro to Elete Electrolytes. I have ordered some from the store here and am still waiting to try it. My worry is, however, that you may not carry the required amount I may need. I foresee that I may end up needing to refill my order on a monthly basis consisting of at least 1-2 8.3 oz. bottles of the Elete Citrus add-in. I have also recruited a friend of mine to thinking about electrolyte replacement while at work as he too perspires alot while working in the HOT kitchen all day long. As you can see there are many aspects of life for EVERYBODY that would benefit from electrolyte replacement, especially in the hot summer months. I ask that you consider increasing your inventory of the Elete electrolyte products, as I foresee an increase in business in this area as more and more ppl become aware of electrolytes and the impact they have on daily life and the daily function of the human body. Not to mention the fact that this is the only site I have found with reasonable price of such products that can and will actually ship the stuff in Canada. And with so many options of payment. I espescially like the option to pay via e-transfer. LOVED IT! Will write a review after I try the stuff. When it finally gets here. lol

    BTW, you might want to try marketing electrolytes as such. It may just become the next big thing in worker safety across the took me a long time to find this site.

  2. Thanks for the comments. We're glad to hear our products are useful beyond the sport of Triathlon. Awesome feedback. We'll be ramping up our inventory soon. Stay tuned!

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