Friday, November 5, 2010

Five Steps to Winter Bike Storage

  1. Store bike indoors if possible. If outdoor is the only option, take out all the delicate, removable parts (seat, electronics ...) and cover it with tarp. In both cases, make sure to lock up your bike. Our various bike storage solutions allow for either flat or vertical storage.

  2. Shift chain down to small rings - releases derailleur spring tension.

  3. Clean chain & wash bike. Avoid using a water hose as humidity can damage components over the winter. Let bike dry completely.

  4. Use plenty of lube and waterproof grease to keep humidity from getting into the bearings and chain links. Use a light lubricant such as Tri-Flow for shifter cables. Check out our large selection of bike cleaners, grease and chain lubricants for more product information.

  5. Pump tires to keep them round and smooth, as they will lose pressure over time. This is especially important if your bike is stored on its wheels.

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