Friday, December 3, 2010

A Great Off Season Training Tip for Triathletes

Now that we've seen snow from coast to coast, we are officially in winter training mode. Most coaches agree that winter training is about technique, not endurance. In line with this concept, a great way to change technique is to use the off season to do what we would call a "reset". The goal here is to engage in activities quite different from our normal training routine. Such examples are:

Swim: Learn a different stroke ...
While this helps increase your confidence in deep water, it also helps the body break out of its habits and prep it to learn new "moves" in the spring.

Bike: Give mountain biking a shot ...
Impredictable terrain improves technique and confidence. Short, steep, technical climbs build leg strength and teach us effort management throughout our ride.

Run: Try snowshoe running ...
Runners and cyclists build core strength and better balance through variations in terrain. Increase the fun factor by picking up a headlamp and going out at night time.

These are just a few examples of activities that help our body "reset" and break out of bad habits, thus laying the foundation to learn "something new" by the time spring is back.

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