Monday, October 18, 2010

Compression Socks vs Calf Guards?

Ever since running my first marathon with my very first pair of compression socks, I realized that this a was piece of equipment that was here to stay. On shorter running races such as 10K's, I found that compression socks resulted in noticeably less fatigue and reduced the time to recovery post race. During longer races such as marathons & triathlons, as intensity varies, our body exerts itself and recovers on a continuous basis. Compression socks and calf guards provide additional support to one of our most important muscles, resulting in faster recovery and in some cases enhanced performance. For my triathlons, I recently switched to calf guards because I can wear them throughout the race i.e. across all three disciplines! Each one of these three "tools" is suited to specific situations and a great complement to each other.

Recovery Compression Socks Race Compression Socks Compression Calf Guards
- Ideal for post training or race recovery.

- Great for everyday use, air travel, warmth. 

- Not recommended for physical activity as provides minimal padding around the foot area.
- Perfect for running and cycling.

- Graduated compression provides maximum compression around foot & ankle.

- High performance padding provides excellent comfort.
- Made of thin, quick drying lycra, it can be worn under your wetsuit for faster transitions.

- Allows athlete to wear their favorite pair of cycling/running socks.

- Maintained in place through silicone elastic hem.

- Not recommended outside physical activity - ie recovery.

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