Friday, October 1, 2010

Chain lubricants: which one to use?

Dry weather conditions
   "Dry" and "Wax-based" lubricants provide
   great performance while ensuring your chain
   does not collect dust. Wax lubricants are best at
   keeping your chain clean through self-elimination
   and should therefore be re-applied frequently.
   Ex: White Lightning Clean Ride
         Tri Flow Superior Dry Lubricant

Wet weather conditions
Oil-Based "Wet" Lubes repel water and stay wet
   once on the chain. They are the way to go in
   wet weather.
   Ex: Pedro's Syn Lube
         Finish Line Wet Lubricrant

Mixed / All conditions
Oil-based lubricants with a lighter formulation are
   able to withstand the odd rain shower by not
   washing off while minimizing dust collection in drier
   Ex: Park Tools CL-1 Chain Lube
         Boeshield T-9

         Pro Gold Prolink Chain Lube

Long rides & Races
Since re-application may be an issue here,
   high-end lubricants are designed to provide
   consistent performance through the ride.
   They may be oil or waxed-based, depending
   on personal preference
  Ex: Purple Extreme
        Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube

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